Nero d’Avola

DOC Sicilia

Organic & Vegan certified vine

Nero d’Avola

DOC Sicilia

Organic & Vegan certified wine


100% Nero d’Avola

What the winemaker says...

Classic red vinification for about 10 days at a controlled temperature, soft pressing to extract only the best juice. The contact between the skins and the must creates a cap that has to be punched down to let the oxygen pass through allowing fermentation. Subsequently, the wine is decanted and ends its process undergoing malolactic fermentation.

What is it like?

Intense ruby red color.


Perfume that evokes the Sicilian landscapes. Characterized by warm and sumptuous aromas of ripe fruit, cherry jam, plum, and morello cherry, with notes of violet and licorice.


It has an excellent balance between tannins and acidity, a deep taste, an important structure, and an innate softness on the palate.

How to drink it?

Serving Temperature

16 – 18 °C

Perfect match with

Excellent with pasta alla norma, vegetable bulgur, aubergine parmigiana and squash and lentil soup.

Nero d’Avola

Organic & Vegan certified vine

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