Beauty elixir from grapes: wine waste becomes highly effective cosmetics

The wine supply chain produces huge quantities of waste every year along the production chain. It has become urgent to treat this waste in a sustainable way, according to a zero-waste circular economy perspective. On average, for each hectoliter of wine, 20 kg of pomace and 3.85 kg of stems and over 6.36 kg of […]

How to dress more sustainably

In this historical period, fast fashion is one of the most criticized industries in terms of environmental sustainability. Choosing to buy fewer clothes and make the ones we already have last longer is a choice that respects the environment and human resources. So, “buy less, buy better” could be the claim of a new awareness […]


Sustainable bubbles in a sustainable can: that’s the choice for the Bubble white wine Igt Veneto of Sunny Farm. A sparkling wine contained in a practical, completely recyclable and pretty pop can. Why is the can such a sustainable package? First of all, the aluminum can has the highest recycling rate of any beverage container. […]

The wine-flavoured beauty routine

All the wine beauty secrets…a real environmentally conscious elixir! You already know how much wine is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols benefitting your health and beyond drinking it, some of you, probably went to a beauty farm and had the chance to “take a bath in wine”. But what I am sure not all of […]