The wine-flavoured beauty routine

All the wine beauty secrets…a real environmentally conscious elixir!

You already know how much wine is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols benefitting your health and beyond drinking it, some of you, probably went to a beauty farm and had the chance to “take a bath in wine”.

But what I am sure not all of you know, is that from the grapes scraps many precious products for your body care can be obtained.

Being rich in many essential properties for your skin health, since the ancient times, grapes were used during the beauty routine. Inside a vineyard, indeed, there are not only polyphenols, but also bioflavonoids, anthocyanins, resveratrol molecules, grape seed oil and the grape sweet acids. These substances favour the blood circulation, purify the skin, protect collagen and elastin and help the cellular renewal contrasting the principal responsible agents of the skin ageing. For example, the grapes skin, confer anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, the grape contains mineral salts, vitamins and sugars and the seeds are rich in skin antioxidant and protective substances.

And this is the reason why during the last years different cosmetic lines include items coming from the grapes scraps. Creams, lipsticks, aftershave lotions, face masks, scrubs and soaps have been introduced; all the products use vine sap and leaves, grape skins, pruning scarps, and wine and pomace extracts.

In this way all the viticulture scraps acquire a second life, and they turn into useful resources and 100% sustainable beauty products. And in case you want these items to be part of your beauty routine, do not forget to choose an eco-friendly packaging, respecting nature and environment!