Wine tasting in the space

In 2024 it will be possible to taste wine in space thanks to the French space company Zephalto which will organize gastronomic dinners in the stratosphere at the end of next year.

It is not science fiction, but the closest reality. 

60 flights will be organized with the possibility of enjoying gourmet dinners and wine tastings while admiring the blue curve of the earth through a 7 m² porthole.

The experience takes place in a pressurized capsule, with elegant and exclusive interiors. This 20m2 “spaceship” has the capacity to host six guests and two pilots. The capsule is carried by a giant helium balloon. Each flight will depart from one of Zephalto’s spaceports and then reach an altitude of 25 km, a level that allows entry into the stratosphere (12 to 50 km from earth). According to the French space agency, this altitude is the most suitable and favorable for admiring the curvature of the Earth and its stars in the darkness of space.

Before the departure, famous French chefs will prepare a gourmet meal, while during the flight there will be a tasting of fine French wines to discover the best labels of this famous wine-growing country. A real plus for wine lovers, who they will be lucky enough to taste wine in space, in an unrivaled context and panorama.

Furthermore, during the flight, with the help of expert photographers, it will be possible to take professional photos of the space scenario and capture the highlights of the journey.

The duration of the experience is 6 hours. The cost of space travel is around 120.000 €, until now reserved for around 600 lucky astronauts. The first 60 flights are already sold out!