Fishing tourism: how to respect the sea on holiday

Discover the sea in a different way, spend a day aboard a fishing boat next to the fishermen, discover the Italian coasts and its secrets, taste the freshly caught fish by rediscovering the recipes of the local tradition, practice sport fishing on board: all this is enclosed in the concept of fishing tourism. Fishing tourism allows you to bring tourists on board the fishing boat and show the professional fishing activity and excursions of the coast. This kind of tourism was born from the point of view of “responsible tourism”, to enhance the social and environmental realities of the most suggestive places in Italy.

On the one hand it responds to the need to diversify part of the fishing activities, on the other it allows the visitor to get to know the sea and its traditions. Fishing tourism therefore allows fishermen to increase their economy without overexploiting the resources of the sea, on the contrary by promoting the return to traditional techniques, linked to the world of small-scale fishing. On board the fishing boats you can participate in multiple activities with a view to spreading the culture of the sea and fishing, such as: short excursions along the coasts, observation of professional fishing activities, catering on board or on land, sport fishing and all those activities aimed at the knowledge and enhancement of the coastal environment which can serve to bring the general public closer to the world of professional fishing.

Fishing tourism: where do it

It can be practiced throughout Italy from the Adriatic coast to that of the Ligurian Sea. Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany, Campania and Liguria are the Italian region that actually offer more fishing tourism experiences. 

It is also possible to do fishing tourism activities at night, to allow participation in those particular types of fishing that traditionally take place from sunset to sunrise, such as for example squid fishing with acetylene light or fishing with line of squid, pagello, occhiata, bopa.

Some rules

Fishing tourism can only be carried out by individual fish entrepreneurs or those brought together in cooperatives, with a fishing boat and the relative license. Owners of a boat but not of a fishing license can limit themselves to passenger transport.

All traditional means of fishing can be used, excluding towed and purse seine systems. The boats cannot go beyond three miles from the coast and always within the waters of the maritime compartment to which they belong.

So, it is certainly a sustainable way of being a responsible tourist, not only in Italy but all around the world, and to improve environmental education in people of all ages.