5 things you can daily do to protect Oceans!

Oceans cover the 70% of our planet and therefore, besides being the home of many animals, they are essential for humans to survive. In spite of that, pollution and resources exploitation daily endanger these important blue water mirrors.

According to WWF, every year almost 8 million tons of plastic turn up into the oceans, mainly coming from rivers, ships and mainland. Moreover, according to MSC, oceans are the survival source for around 3 billion people and the life of 500 million persons in the world is based on fishing, above all in the developing countries.

Therefore, to protect  oceans has become fundamental and you can easily do it through some simple daily actions.


Do not collect seashells. Leave them on the beach or in the water: beyond being forbidden, to pick seashells up damages the marine ecosystem. Indeed, the shells are a protection for the animals and they contain calcium carbonate, which is very useful to the balance of the marine environment.


In case you eat fish, make a sustainable and certified choice. According to FAO, over one third of the fishing stocks is over structured, but we can buy fish raised and caught in a sustainable way and respecting the animals.


Do not throw the cooking oil into the sink. The waste oil produces a film hindering the water oxygenation and compromising the flora and fauna existence. One kilogram of waste oil is enough to contaminate a water surface of 1000 square meters.


Run the laundry at 30° and keep the spin dryer in a low mode. To wash your clothes at high temperature and to run the speed cycle in a high mode increases the release of synthetic fibers and is responsible of the 35% of the micro-plastics present in the water.


Do not throw you contact lenses into the drain. They do not dissolve in the water, but they break into tiny pieces releasing micro-plastics.


And what about you? Share with us your precious tips to safeguard seas and oceans!