A glass of wine (a day) keeps the doctor away
According to different studies and researches an aware and moderate wine consumption brings psychophysical benefits

In the last two years the world has completely changed. Covid-19 modified everyone’s life and this new way of living and behaving is implying serious consequences on people psychophysical well-being.

The mental health importance is increasingly in the spotlight, people are more and more stressed and tired and they look for products allowing them to live relaxing moments in order to “take a break” and regenerate themselves.

Well, it is true! Of course, it is not a doctor speaking to you, this is just a tip: a glass of wine and your day will end in a better way!

Surely it will not be the solution to all your problems, but you can turn it into a kind of ritual and a moment to take a break from the chaotic daily routine, relax yourselves and catch up on lost energies. A moment to be shared with someone you love or why not even alone, maybe in front of a beautiful sunset or with your favourite song as background.

Moreover, besides helping the mental health since it releases something called endorphins, that someone says to be the “well-being hormones” released by human brain, wine, MODERATELY drunk, has positive effects at physical level too.

The nectar of the gods is indeed a natural remedy to “bad cholesterol”, thanks to its antioxidant action wine allows the human body to burn fats and helps blood to better flow.

A Swedish research, conducted on a sample of 24.000 people in the period time between 1998 and 2010, compared the mental status between the people taking wine in a moderate way to those never drinking and the mental condition between people taking wine in a moderate way compared to those drinking too much. The result has been that a small concession and a prudent consumption are the key for a good mental health and a 360° well-being. Obviously, it is important to highlight that an exaggerated consumption does not bring benefits, on the contrary it exponentially worsens both the physical and the mental health.

Therefore, remember that your emotional well-being has to become a daily ritual, no prohibition to lift (a bit) your elbow and to make all the toast you want, but always in a responsible way!