Veganuary: a month 100% dedicated to veganism

An initiative born in UK in 2014 that proposes to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January, and if you like it, during the following months too!

When you think about vegetarian diet, and even more vegan diet, the collective imagination is that of a poor and sad dish with only a few leaves of salad on it. But the truth of the matter is completely different, indeed there exists an endless number of vegan recipes to make you lick your chops!

An increasing number of people go for a plant-based diet, which is not only an ethical choice, but it also entails benefits for the health and above all for the environment. The current way of producing food is inefficient and unsustainable: forests are decimated, water is contaminated and climate change is exacerbated, causing the extinction of many wild animal populations.

For sure, many people are sceptical about a radical change of their lifestyle and food habits, but exactly for this reason Veganuary has to be seen as a trial period! 31 days to drive your purchasing choices towards products you probably did not even know they existed…and that maybe once you try them will become your new favourite food!

Since the campaign started, almost 2 million people took part and last year Veganuary was extremely successful, as reported by the data published by the organization that came up with this initiative. 

And what about you? What are you waiting for? Take part to “Veganuary 2022” by signing up to the event and you will daily receive emails giving you many advice and tips to successfully complete your vegan month challenge!

All Sunny Farm wines are certified by The Vegan Society, which is the official partner and a Veganuary proud supporter. Being 100% vegan (and also 100% organic certified), they will be perfect to match your recipes and to have a toast with your friends!

Only Together, we can take climate action into our own hands!